WATER INTAKE Recommended Flow Rate and Height of Nipple Drinkers



» Nipple drinkers mounted at 900, nipples should be set at SHOULDER HEIGHT based on the height of the smallest pig in the pen.» Nipple drinkers mounted downwards at 450, nipples should be set at 5cm or 2 inches ABOVE the back of the pig, based on the height of the smallest pig in the pen.

» Check flow rates. Flow rates determine the time spent at the nipple, water intake and water wastage.» Repair or replace leaky drinkers and water lines.

» Individual water wastage was increases with nipple fl ow rate.

» Water wastage of finisher pigs from a nipple drinker ranges between 25 – 40%.

» Recent audit results of water fl ow rates indicate approximately 65% of nipple drinkers provide water fl ow rates higher than required.

» Drinking speed (actual intakes) of pigs was increased with nipple fl ow rate


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