Water flow control is critical to wet/dry feeders performance


Previously week we spoke about feed spacing and I mentioned water flow control being critical. So this week I will dedicate our post to that topic. In a wet/dry feeder, we need to allow pigs to make their choice between eating dry feed or wet/dry feed. In a Crystal Spring ® wet/dry feeder that`s what our adjustable feed shelf does. Pigs can eat dry feed from the shelf or drop the feed to the lower pan and mix it with water. Our experience shows that they prefer the slurry feed, and data proves that slurry feed improves intake and increases Average Daily Gain (ADG).While we know ADG is important, we don`t want Feed Conversion Rates (FCR) to be low, as it has a high impact on production costs (up to 80%). Thus, we need to ensure enough water flow on the feeder nipples to have good availability of slurry feed, we also need to ensure flow is not too high, which would flood the lower pan causing feed spoilage and unnecessary waste.

Crystal Spring ® wet/dry feeders are equipped with a patented Adaptive Flow Control Nipple ®, the only one in the industry engineered specifically for wet/dry feeders. With a design that helps water flow from the nipple adapt to variable water pressure in the barn it allows for consistent flow and no water waste.

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