Utilizing a Phileo Stress Relief Program to offset Heat Stress effects in Sows


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Dr. Joe Loughmiller
North American Senior Swine Technical Services Manager, Phileo by Lesaffre

What is Heat Stress?

Heat stress occurs when a pig is unable to maintain a comfortable  body temperature due to high environmental temperature and  humidity. It is well established that bigger, mature pigs are more  susceptible because of their size, body fat content, and inability to
perspire in response to increased environmental temperatures. The  effects of this are varied, with increased panting, reduced activity, lower feed consumption reduced growth performance and  sow milk production (see Table 1). The metabolic effects are also d, with increased inflammatory stress, gastrointestinal permeability, insulin levels and stress metabolites, reduced follicular  development and reduced antibody levels in milk and colostrum  (see Table 2; Figure 1).

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