USDA gives Zoetis the opportunity to seek licensure for African Swine Fever Virus


Zoetis has applied to license a vaccine candidate, and USDA has given Zoetis the opportunity to develop an ASF vaccine and seek licensure for it in the future.

African swine fever was recognized as a significant transboundary threat years ago.  The Zoetis Center for Transboundary and Emerging Diseases team has been engaged in working towards a solution, and the development of a vaccine with the USDA is one of them.

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) has been sounding the alarm over the virus that is deadly for pigs but believed to not be dangerous to humans. The virus, once confined to Africa, has spread through Russia and Eastern Europe and is now killing swine in China, the world’s largest pork-producing country.

“While this virus poses no threat to human health or any food safety concern, it could have a devastating economic impact if it would be found in the U.S.,” Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig said in a recent statement. “Our pork producers do a great job with biosecurity and protecting pig health and the new cases highlight the importance of everyone remaining diligent in their biosecurity efforts.”

Zoetis is committed to providing veterinarians and livestock farmers with innovative solutions to combat the threat of emerging infectious diseases worldwide.


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