The Missouri Pork Association Endorses Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate

On August 25, the Missouri Pork Association (MPA) announced their endorsement of Attorney General Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate. Schmitt has been a voice for rural Missouri and a leading state attorney general that ensures the values of agriculture and pork producers in our state.

“In 2021, Missouri’s pork industry employed over 22,000 people throughout the chain and with nearly $1 Billion in cash hog sales, $1.74 billion of the gross national product was supported by the Missouri pork industry,” said Don Laut, MPA Board of Directors chairman from Fredericktown. “Schmitt understands the importance of the pork industry and will continue to fight on issues that affect our producers. His efforts as Attorney General to stand up for agriculture and the pork industry have been outstanding.”

Eric Schmitt is deep-seated in the heart of Missouri as a sixth-generation Missourian. Schmitt began his commitment to public service as a means to help his son, Stephen, who was born with a rare genetic condition. From there he has been committed to helping Missourian’s each and every day.

“In the United States Senate, I will be laser-focused on helping Missouri families by fighting inflation, curbing energy prices, and defending individual freedoms,” said Eric Schmitt, candidate for U.S. Senate. “I will continue to work with Missouri’s pork producers to achieve energy independence and work for common sense policies that let Missourians thrive.”

The Missouri Pork Association represents the state’s pork producers in the areas of promotion, research, education and public policy. For more information about this or any other programs of the Missouri Pork Association, go to, or call the office at (573) 445-8375.