U.S. better equipped against ASF than last year


The executive director of the Swine Health Information Center says the U.S. is much more prepared to defend against ASF than it was 12 months ago.

Paul Sundberg tells Brownfield diagnostic lab testing for the disease has increased greatly.

“We’ve got new testing, new diagnostics for the veterinary diagnostic labs, we’ve got an ASF surveillance system now, that we didn’t have before,” he said.

Sundberg says the best way for farmers to help contain the disease, if it enters the U.S., is to get a professional diagnosis for all mortality events.

“Every time you have something happen on the farm, get a veterinarian right away,” Sundberg said. “Don’t wait until something goes on and on and on.”

While ASF needs to be monitored, Sundberg says it can make farmers blind to other diseases. He says farmers need to watch out for prrs and mycoplasma as the weather gets colder.


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