Two Sludge Busters are better then One! Lagoon Tabs for Ponds and Lagoons—Mini-Tabs for Pits.


NEW from North State Products, SLUDGE BUSTERTM Lagoon Tabs and SLUDGE BUSTERTM Mini-Tabs eliminate Muck and Organic Sludge in Lagoons and Pits. Each Tablet contains seven strains of beneficial bacteria. SLUDGE BUSTER provides slow release of 100% safe, natural bacteria that removes muck, digests sludge, eliminates animal waste, and reduces ammonia nitrates, phosphates and odor. According to the company, SLUDGE BUSTER is safe for fish, pets and wildlife. Simply toss Lagoon Tabs evenly across the Lagoon surface, or scatter Mini-Tabs evenly through slats and into Pits.  For more information visit:



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