TN70 in Mexico – 5% fewer sows deliver 12% more pigs


The TN70 sow is performing at a high level in Mexico. In the Sonoran Desert, La Choya farm is giving farm efficiency a boost by producing more pigs with fewer sows. TN70 gilts were introduced to La Choya farm in July 2016. The TN70 is crossed with Norsvin Duroc. Octavio Bours Griffith Sr. has been in pig production and agriculture for more than 30 years. He knew that the novel combination of the Topigs Line-Z and the Norsvin Landrace, despite the hot Mexican weather, was going to out-perform the genetics he was previously using. He therefore took a gamble and decided to go for the TN70 sow from Topigs Norsvin.

Homogenous and vigorous piglets

“We now know it was the right decision and we are very happy with the results,” says Octavio Sr. “We are members of the Kowi group and export to Japan, so we also chose the Norsvin Duroc to complement with the TN70. It is impressive how homogenous and vigorous the piglets look. They have a strong urge to find the teat and there are plenty of those.”

His son Octavio mentioned how “the piglets are so big that close to weaning they cannot fit with their litter mates at suckling time. Therefore some of them climb on top of the sow and lean down to get a grip of the teat and the sow remains so calm when they do this.” La Choya farm is a 2300 sow unit situated near Obregon City in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. The farm has a farrow-to-wean system that sends weaned pigs to two different weaning and finishing sites.

Exposed to high temperatures

The farm has a controlled climate in the gestation and farrowing rooms. However, during this first cycle the air-conditioning equipment had not been set up yet and so the females were exposed to high temperatures above 28 C. Nevertheless, the results for the farrowing rate were above 90%.
Farrowing results of TN70 at La Choya farm

# Farrowings 200
Total born/litter 14.2
Liveborn/litter 13.2
Stillborn/litter 1.0
Birth weight 1.45 kg / 3.20 lbs
Weaning weight 6.96 kg / 15.34 lbs
Weaning age 22.5 days

The farm is managed with batches of one week. “We still do not know the pig’s performance during growth, but the first six groups weaned have 0.34% mortality. The new TN70 sow is providing excellent results on the farm. She delivers 12% more piglets with 5% fewer sows in production than was the case for the previous genetics.”

TN70 in Mexico: showing great potentialThe TN70 has been introduced to several farms in Mexico and is showing its great potential. The reproductive data of gilts (first cycle) on two other farms show this.

# Farrowings: 303
Total born/litter: 14.3
Liveborn/litter: 13.6
Stillborn/litter: 0.7
Weaned/litter: 12.7


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