The Wenger Group Announces Changes in their Management Structure


The Wenger Group is excited to announce some key management structure changes. We believe these  changes will benefit our customers by improving our speed and quality of execution and are key to  accelerating our growth.

The Board of Directors have been evaluating what succession planning actions should be taken to prepare  for the eventual retirement of our President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Phil Rohrbaugh. Based on  that review and assessment, a plan has been developed, which we believe will serve the Company and  our customers well in planning for this future transition yet allow us to continue our focus around our  current strategic plan, as Phil has been leading many transformative changes.

On behalf of the Board, Phil and I would like to thank all of our customers and partners for your continued  support as we strive to continually improve to serve the needs of our customers.

The Wenger Group, Inc. is a leading family-owned agricultural products and services organization, which  includes Wenger Feeds, LLC, Nutrify, LLC, Dutchland Farms, LLC, Risser Grain, LLC, and Hoober Feeds. With  over 450 team members and ten feed milling locations in two states, the company is a regional provider  of poultry, swine, and dairy feeds, performance ingredient solutions, conventional and specialty eggs,  grain, fertilizer, and allied services in the Mid-Atlantic Region


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