The AGC Outlook- Winter 2019


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What a whirlwind 2019 has been! We started the year fearful of what would happen if African Swine Fever (ASF) entered Canada. Fortunately, it hasn’t and thanks to good collaboration between industry and government, we are now much more prepared. Trade wars and diplomatic tensions quashed what was looking like a banner year for Canadian pork producers. By November, China resumed buying Canadian pork and in most recent news they are reducing tariffs on American pork. Those high futures prices that we’ve seen continually pushed into the future may finally be captured in the cash market! Lastly, a late spring planting and a drawn out harvest made for a cropping season most growers would rather forget. And yet, we can be grateful that the corn crop this year is far cleaner than the previous one. A return to some stability and normalcy will be much appreciated as 2019 comes to a close.

Here at AGC, you can count on us to deliver genetics that are consistent and reliable, but also always improving. In this newsletter you’ll see how our F1 sows are bucking the trend of increasing mortality yet continuing to produce larger litters of good quality pigs. Through new research, we’re working to ensure our sows remain easy to manage and have excellent mothering characteristics. Our Durocs continue to be the most robust and fastest growing in the industry. By implementing new technology and research, they’ll also continue to be the envy of packers for both meat quality and lean yield.

All of us at AGC wish you a blessed Christmas season and much success in the New Year. Thank you for your business and support in 2019. We look forward to working alongside you as we enter the 2020s.

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