Swineweb.com Launches a Daily Newsletter – Swineweb Daily

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Already a daily leader in online news for the pork industry, SwineWeb.com will increase the frequency of its extremely popular monthly newsletter to now be part of your daily routine. Swineweb Daily is a new way to quickly get the information you need.


Hog farming can be a particularly challenging business. Pork Producers strive every day to raise the highest quality product and then sell for the best possible price. The margins between the cost to produce and the sale price can be razor-thin. Events, developments, and issues from around the world can have immediate effects at home. Since 2005, Swineweb.com has been your daily source of news, allowing you to make critical decisions in time to protect and improve your bottom line.


The website is not the only way that Swineweb.com helps. The very popular monthly Swineweb.com newsletter currently reaches over 30,000 email subscribers. It provides the Pork industry with an executive summary of the top news stories, commentaries, podcasts and market prices. Early and continuous access to information is key to keeping an edge in the Pork Industry. New technology, mobile phones, and the decline of print media changed the way producers access information. Constant news feeds and digital products compatible with Pork Producer’s lifestyle and business methods is now the industry standard. To meet this demand now and in the future, Swineweb.com is excited to announce that its newsletter will increase in frequency. Swineweb Daily is coming in May 2021.


Swineweb.com founder Jim Eadie said, “I love getting feedback from our subscribers. While some people enjoy visiting Swineweb.com every day, some people enjoy the conveniences of reviewing stories sent directly to their mailbox. One thing that is common among everyone, is they want to know about stories and developments that affect them in time to make decisions. By increasing the frequency of Swineweb.com’s newsletter, I hope we can continue to improve our service and attract new subscribers.”
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For more information please contact:
Jim Eadie