The genetics are constantly evolving

Data measurements of more than 100,000 young breeding animals every year ensures that DanBred finisher pigs are constantly improving. The results from the testing station show a clear improvement in the finisher pig traits.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in finisher pig traits when buying DanBred animals. This has resulted in a finisher pig production where both feed efficiency, daily growth, and meat percentage have improved significantly.

The graphs show average production results for boars from DanBred’s trials in DanBred Duroc, DanBred Yorkshire and DanBred Landrace respectively from 2018 to 2022 for the traits finisher pig growth (g per day), meat percentage (percent), and feed efficiency (kg feed per kg growth).

DanBred breeding pigs have an average of 1.1 % higher meat percentage, grow 62 g more per day, and use 0.1 kg less feed per kg growth, when we compare results from DanBred’s testing station from 2018 with the latest results from 2022. Among other things, the increase is due to the work of carefully selecting the best breeding candidates as well as thorough data and performance tests of more than 100,000 pigs each year.

The finisher pig traits show great progress when we look back over the past four years. The traits have been in the breeding goal since the late 1800s. They remain important in the breeding goal because they contribute to better earnings for the pig producer, but also because they contribute to more efficient finisher pigs that benefit the climate,” confirms Anders Vernersen, Head of Department at Breeding & Genetics at the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

For the benefit of the pig producer

DanBred’s breeding work contributes to an efficient and profitable production for the pig producers. The ‘Analysis of productivity in DanBred herds’ was published in August 2023. The results, compiled by SEGES Innovation, show that, since 2018, meat percentage has moved 1.3 percentage points, and daily growth has increased 91 g per day, among other things. This proves that DanBred’s breeding progress for the finisher pig traits manifests in the production.

It’s reassuring that we can see the development of our breeding nucleus in the Danish finisher pigs in the production herds. This means that the breeding work is reflected in practice in the stables, and that it is a benefit to the pig producers,” says Anders Vernersen.

Bottom line and climate

Breeding for more efficient finisher pigs contributes to an improved bottom line as well as more sustainable finisher pigs. In practice, this means that you can produce more pork with less feed, as the pigs eat less feed while growing faster and maintaining a high meat percentage.

More efficient finisher pigs

In just four years, the finisher pig traits of DanBred breeding animals have improved significantly:

  • Meat percentage: 1.1 percent
  • Growth rate: 62 g per day
  • Feed efficiency: -0.1 kg per kg gain