Glenmarshal Sires – Mark Rawding Joins Glenmarshal

Left to right: Paul Anderson, General Manager South-East Asia and International Sales Manager for Genesus, Mark Rawding of Glenmarshal and Trevor Shields of Glenmarshal


Trevor Shields, of Glenmarshal Sires (UK) Ltd is delighted to announce that Mark Rawding has joined the UK business to further develop Glenmarshal Sires sales of Genesus genetic products.


Last month, Glenmarshal Sires (UK) signed a Genesus marketing agreement to work in partnership with Genesus for the sales of the full genetic range of Genesus high health products. Mark as the GB Sales Manager will be responsible for the promotion and selling of purebred and F1 gilts as well as terminal and maternal semen.


Trevor said:

“We welcome Mark to the Glenmarshal team. Mark’s expertise and knowledge will fully complement our existing sales team and will develop Glenmarshal’s and Genesus’s reach within the GB Pig Industry. The Genesus pig is a calm, docile animal and is well known for its hardiness and quality of product. These are all qualities that are very important to pig producers, particularly in the challenging environment that we are currently experiencing.”


Mark’s working life has been in the agriculture sector, with over 16 years in pig production and multi-site management. His career then moved into feed sales, pig marketing and developing supply chains working for Cranswick, aligning the processor and their producers with the major retailers.


Mark says:

“I am really looking forward to working with Trevor and the Glenmarshal Sires team, my new role selling the world famous Genesus genetics is an exciting opportunity for me. I will be taking the full breadth of Genesus genetics to the pig industry, including the purebred gilts (Yorkshire, Landrace and Jersey Red Duroc) and F1 gilts and both terminal and maternal semen.”


Paul Anderson, Genesus Sales Manager for UK, ROI, Germany and SE Asia said,

“I am extremely pleased Mark has taken up the GB Sales Manager position for Glenmarshal Sires. Genesus and Glenmarshal Sires have worked together in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland since 2015. More recently Glenmarshal has supplied our international customers with both fresh and frozen semen worldwide. Mark’s role follows the recently signed agreement between Glenmarshal Sires and Genesus to market the full Genesus product range in the UK and ROI. I have worked with Mark in the past and I couldn’t have wished for a better person to take up this new role to grow the Genesus breeding stock and semen sales in Great Britain. Everyone who knows Mark will knows he will jump into this role with enthusiasm, energy and vast experience to offer our customers the best possible service and advice.


We wish Mark ever success in his new role for the future.”


If you would like to learn more, contact Mark on +44 7947 374196 or email