Genesus Jersey Red Duroc The Ultimate Pork Experience

For centuries Pork has been enjoyed for its nutritional values, flavor, and taste. History shows pigs were domesticated by 5,000 BC. This is seven millenniums of Pork consumption (today, Pork is the most desired and consumed meat in the world).

To maximize nutrition, taste, and flavor, there is one heritage breed that produces the most succulent pork. This heritage breed is the Jersey Red Duroc.

Jersey Red Duroc breed was developed in Jersey in the early 1800s. In the Red River Valley of the North American prairies, the Jersey Red Duroc breed has been combined by Genesus in cooperation with independent family farmers to produce and perfect what is best described as The Ultimate Pork Experience.

The Genesus Jersey Red Duroc purebred purity has been maintained by certification of the Animal Pedigree Act, a program authorized by the Federal Government in the 1890s. Generations upon generations of Jersey Red Duroc pigs have had their lineage certified. No other breeding program in the world has painstakingly worked to maintain such a certified purebred breed lineage combined with the quest for the proper balance of nutrition, taste, and flavor. This multi-generational effort has led to the best-tasting pork in the world – The Ultimate Pork Experience.

To reach this pinnacle, Genesus has worked tirelessly over the last three decades, using planned selection and data from continual pork meat analysis.

For the last three decades, Genesus has done weekly Jersey Red Duroc carcass and meat quality analysis on registered heritage animals. These weekly tests measure pH, minolta color, marbling, juiciness, carcass composition, and primal weights.

Genesus Jersey Red Duroc heritage breeding stock data, gathered from weekly meat quality analysis, is combined with Genesus’ 20-generation deep performance pedigree database to select for ultimate eating attributes. The Genesus breeding and selection team uses this information to jointly select for performance and meat quality improvement. Better performance leads to the ultimate goal, of a better-tasting pork experience at an affordable price.

Genesus Purebred registered Jersey Red Durocs are a key part of the Ultimate Pork program to create the best eating attributes. Ultimate Pork is eligible for the Certified DUROC® program, administered by the National Swine Registry and the USDA. Many so-called Durocs do not meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for the exclusive Certified DUROC® program. Ultimate Pork is proud that Genesus Jersey Red Durocs meet this prestigious designation.

Consumers want Pork that has the Ultimate Taste and Flavor. To achieve this goal, the proper balance of marbling, juiciness, and color must be attained. The Ultimate Pork eating experience is savored by consumers; this better taste and juiciness leads to consumers wanting to eat more Pork more often. Taste and Flavor is the ultimate enhancer of demand.

Many independent family farms produce the Ultimate Pork Experience. They have pride in producing the best tasty and nutritional Pork. They are stewards of pig breeding and care deeply about raising Pork in an ethical and animal-friendly way. Ultimate Pork is Non-GMO and hormone-free.

The utilization of Genesus Jersey Red Duroc certified heritage breed continues the legacy of many generations of farmers who have the pride of producing natural and tasty Pork. The Ultimate Pork Experience is a cultivation of many generations of cooperation between family farmers and Genesus.