Eurofins: Innovation in Animal Genetics and Health

Since its foundation in 1987, Eurofins has contributed significantly to the advancement of science through our mantra “Testing for Life”. From a start up with just four people to an international network of 900 laboratories in 54 countries employing 58,000 staff, our scope of work currently includes over 200,000 analytical methods and 450 million tests performed annually.

Our federation of laboratories around the world helps improve cancer treatments, fight the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, catch criminals, ensure our food and water is safe, protect transplant patients’ lives and beat viruses like COVID-19. Whether we are helping to improve health outcomes, ensure food safety or determine environmental impact, sustainability is at the heart of our work.

Multiple Eurofins labs currently support the agricultural, livestock and pig industries. Our work in service to our clients ranges from feed testing to genetics, disease surveillance and animal health.  Whatever your needs, our mission is to help your business succeed. As a company of entrepreneurs, we continue to innovate, listen to our clients, and focus on the needs of the livestock industry.

For more information on Eurofins laboratories focused on select areas, please see the information below or email us to set up an individual discussion to learn more:

Services provided by:

Eurofins BioDiagnostics: Genetics Improvement and Disease / Animal Health

Eurofins Environmental Labs: Feed Testing

Eurofins Genomics: Molecular Tools and Reagents