Fast-forward to a new future of feed for Latin America

Science powers success with disruptive solutions showcased at CLANA 2022

New advances in feed additives and related technology are accelerating Latin America’s transition to an exciting future of highly productive and sustainable livestock agriculture utilizing more natural solutions.

Insights on the latest progress and opportunities will be showcased in a business seminar hosted by CBS Bio Platforms, at the upcoming Latin American Nutritional Congress (CLANA). The international congress in its ninth edition returns to an in person event in Mérida, Yucatán, from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1, 2022.

“Feed and nutrition solutions are a leading force among the science-driven innovations that are reshaping the future of livestock production, in Latin America and around the world,” says Rob Patterson, VP of Innovation and Commercialization with CBS Bio Platforms. “Our business seminar at CLANA will provide a window on several of the key areas of fast-evolving knowledge and opportunities that can provide the most immediate impact relevant to local farmers and their industries.”

Highlighting the latest knowledge

The CBS-hosted business seminar is Sept. 29 from 3-7 p.m. local time at the International Congress Center as part of the CLANA program. Dr. Anna Rogiewicz of the University of Manitoba will discuss “Rethinking Alternative and Novel Ingredients for Animal Nutrition.” Rob Patterson will present “Looking into the Future: The Role of Processing Technology in Animal Nutrition.” Dr. Elijah Kiarie of the University of Guelph will talk on “Understanding the Interface of Nutrition and Immunity.”

Many key production areas across Latin America are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are well positioned to take major steps forward with adoption of the latest advances, led by feed enhancing ingredients and processes, says Jorge Castañeda, Sales Manager for Mexico / Latin America with CBS Bio Platforms. “Whether it’s increasing efficiency and productivity, supporting animal health and welfare, reducing reliance on antibiotics or shrinking the environmental footprint of production, many of the top solutions share a common goal –  helping local farmers increase profits and sustainability today and for generations to come.”

Championing farmers across livestock sectors

The objective of CLANA is to promote the exchange of knowledge and the discussion of research results, validation, and technology transfer in the field of animal nutrition and related disciplines. The central theme of this year’s IX CLANA is “Feeding animals for a new normality: Science and technology to recover lost time.”

The feed additives industry in Latin America is forecast for major growth led by bio-based solutions such as the CBS Feed Science Platforms (FSPs), due to rising awareness of the new generation of animal feed additives among livestock farmers. The CBS portfolio of FSPs becoming more broadly available across Latin America includes Bio-Catalyst Technology, Enhanced Yeast Technology, Grain Management Technology, Functional Fatty Acids and Phytogenics & Probiotics. “All represent disruptive technologies replacing traditional additives with more dynamic natural options,” says Castañeda.

New solutions for a new era

A major initial focus for CBS in bringing new solutions to Latin America  has been Bio-Catalyst Technology highlighted by Superzyme®.  CBS is now also expanding the availability of Yeast Bioactives Technology led by Maxi-Nutrio®.

In addition to special business seminars the event features 10 Academic Symposiums where current issues related to poultry, pigs, ruminants, aquaculture and balanced feed will be discussed. The congress is hosted by The Mexican Association of Specialists in Animal Nutrition in collaboration with the Brazilian College of Animal Nutrition.

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