World Pork 2022, Recap and reflection with DNA Genetics

Join me as I check in with Anu Frank-Lawale, Director of Genetics Programs at DNA Genetics.

Dr. Anu Frank-Lawale is the director of genetic programs with DNA Genetics, a producer-owned swine genetics company which is based out of Columbus, Nebraska. Through his role, Dr. Frank-Lawale works not only to maintain the integrity of the company’s genetic program but also to improve upon the progress that has helped launch DNA Genetics into one of the leading swine genetic companies in North America.

Prior to joining DNA Genetics, Dr. Frank-Lawale served as a senior breeding coordinator/geneticist for the Center for Aquaculture Technologies, a geneticist with Cobb, and the breeding research manager/assistant research professor with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and was a biometrician with the Roslin BioCentre, in Edinburgh.

Dr. Frank-Lawale earned his B.S. degree in agriculture and food sciences from the University of Nottingham, his M.S. degree in animal breeding from the University of Edinburgh and his Ph.D. degree in aquaculture genetics from the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling.