In Swine Versation: World Pork 2023 Review with Dr. Casey Bradley

Join me as I check in with Dr. Bradley about the 2023 World Pork Expo. We discuss about hers and Swine Web’s partnership. The mood at the show (Prop 12, Labour, Market Conditions) We review some great interviews she had at the show, what she learned, what surprised her, trends, the future of consolidation and the return of the Real P3 podcast.

About our guest

Dr. Casey L. Bradley founded the Sunswine Group. After working for over 20 years in the swine industry, from production to academia to a feed company to feed additives, Casey dreamed of creating a business to transform how we measure success in livestock production. The sink or swim mentality is firmly embedded in the culture of livestock production, but there has to be a new way to transform how people, animals, and companies succeed. First, it starts with knowledge and how we share knowledge. Second, it is how big we can dream and then create a plan to make that dream a reality. The main objectives of The Sunswine Group are to share knowledge that will mentor future leaders and transform innovation while creating a neural network of expertise to help any person, animal or company succeed.