Exclusive Interview with Glen Bader, Ralco’s Visionary New CEO

In an engaging episode of our “Meet the Leader” series, we are thrilled to introduce you to Glen Bader, the newly appointed CEO of Ralco. Join us as we delve into his remarkable journey, his unique role as the first non-family member in this leadership position, and his vision for Ralco’s future. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll explore:

1. Unveiling Glen Bader’s Journey to CEO

We extend our hearty congratulations to Glen Bader on assuming the role of CEO at Ralco. In this interview, Glen will share insights into his background and the pivotal moments that paved the way for this remarkable achievement.

2. Breaking Ground: A Non-Family CEO

Glen Bader’s appointment as the first non-family member to lead Ralco marks a significant milestone. Discover the personal and professional significance of this groundbreaking event and what it signifies for the company’s evolution.

3. Honoring Jon Knochenmus’s Legacy

Remembering the late Jon Knochenmus, who played an influential role in Ralco’s history, Glen will reflect on the invaluable lessons and memories that continue to shape the company’s trajectory.

4. Timing and Building Upon Brian’s Foundation

Glen will shed light on the strategic timing of his CEO appointment and how it relates to the foundation laid by Brian. Learn how he plans to build upon his predecessor’s work to drive Ralco’s growth.

5. Ralco’s Distinct Mission, Culture, and Values

Ralco is known for its unique mission, vibrant culture, and unwavering values. Discover the key message Glen wants the world to know about these defining aspects of the company.

6. Glen Bader’s Leadership Style

As a leader, Glen brings a distinctive leadership style to Ralco. Learn how this style aligns with the company’s vision and how it will contribute to Ralco’s continued success.

7. Ralco’s Future Under Glen Bader

Get a glimpse of what lies ahead for Ralco under Glen Bader’s visionary leadership. Explore the areas where continuity is planned and the innovative pathways Ralco aims to forge in the future.

About our guest

Glenn Bader, President and CEO of Ralco Nutrition, began his career as a software engineer before later moving into marketing, in addition to two stints in general management. He began his career with the Schwan Food Company before joining Ralco to lead the marketing and IT teams. His diverse background gives him a broad appreciation for food production, ranging from the producer to the consumer. Over the years, Glenn developed a passion for people, and seeing their personal development brings him incredible joy. Glenn lives just outside of Marshall, MN with his wife, Solveig. They have three grown children and one son-in-law. Glenn serves as an elder at his church and loves to play disc golf in his spare time.