Cooling Off: Prop 12’s Impact on Heat Stress Relief for Pregnant Sows

In this episode of our podcast, Brent Hershey returns to discuss the significant impact of Proposition 12 on managing heat stress in sow barns during the current heat wave in the Eastern US. Joining him are Matt Howell and Hayden Meck, experienced barn managers from Pennsylvania and Milton, Delaware. They delve into the following key points:

  • Heat Wave Impact: Brent, Matt, and Hayden describe the current heat wave’s effects on sow barns, highlighting the challenges faced in Pennsylvania and Milton, Delaware.
  • Prop 12 Regulations: The discussion moves to how the new Prop 12 regulations have assisted in managing heat stress. The guests explain how increased spacing and the introduction of Sow Condos, mandated by Prop 12, have made a difference.
  • Benefits of Increased Spacing: Brent outlines the specific benefits observed in sows due to the increased space, providing concrete examples and data to illustrate these advantages.
  • 24 sq ft Minimum Spacing: The conversation touches on how the 24 sq ft minimum spacing under Prop 12 has specifically contributed to heat stress relief for pregnant sows, noting any physiological or behavioral changes observed.
  • Feedback and Success Stories: Feedback from the team and other producers about the effectiveness of these changes in handling extreme heat conditions is shared, including standout success stories and testimonials.
  • Future Outlook: Looking ahead, Brent discusses the broader implications of Prop 12 and similar welfare-focused regulations on the overall well-being and productivity of sows in the industry. He also offers advice to other producers who are considering or are in the process of implementing these changes.