Swine Supplies Checklist

Pigs during feeding
Tools Drugs
Slap shot Epiclor-on hand anytime you administer drugs, vaccines, etc
Repeater syringe Metacam
Repeater syringe that holds bottles (iron) 1ml Biomycin 200
Repeater syringe 0.1, 0.2 etc adjustable (deworm piglets) Exceed ($$ ask your vet can dispense a smaller amount)
Other syringe 1, 3, 6, 12 ml I use 1 and 3 the most Dex
Assorted gauge needles 25- 16, 5/8 or ½ inch- 1.5 length Trimidox
Thermometers- multiple flex tip preferred Penicillin
Gloves- sizes needed Azaperone- was stresnil
Sharps container
Scissors (small and large) Vaccines
Hoof trimmers and Dremel Magestic 7
Coconut oil Circoflex
Farrowing Dectomax
Vet emergency #, whos on call?
Creep, crush rails up, piglet barrel with heat light
Ensure vaccines and deworming done per protocol
Towels couple reg and flour sack Others
Fleece blankets for creep/tote Charcol- Kaolin Oral
Tall tote for piglets (if you need to contain and for Iron) Kaopectate
Puppy training pads Electrolytes- a good brand like vetoquinol, electrolytes plus
Gloves Blood stop
Lube Iron- day 3, day 18 for piglets
Betadine or iodine (cords) Selenium vitamin e injectable day 2 and 21= 0.1
Hoof trim tools (sometimes a good chance sometimes not) Sterile saline
Small scissors Betadine or other iodine based antiseptic
Vet wrap for tail (optional if she has a lush tail) A zinc based cream
Metacam (esp for gilts, pain management & teat present) Staldren powder disinfectant
Calcium gluconate and/or Oxytocin (use with care/caution) Prevail liquid disinfectant and boot bath
Electrolytes Booties
Corn syrup, Nutrical and/or maple syrup Footbath tub
Pail for garbage Coveralls
Baby wipes (natural or free) Suture kit
Alcohol wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Colostrum, SCCL made in Saskatoon Canada only
Swine milk replacer (find out where its stocked or stock)
Means of humane euthanasia L
Heat pad
Hot water bottle



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