Swine Doc Pod With Carthage, The Dangers of “Barn Speak” with Dr. Bill Hollis


On this episode, we chat with Dr. Bill Hollis on the topic of “barn speak”. “Barn speak” is a situation when you have experienced farm team members who have done a process before and assume that this time the situation and goals are the same. Gilt acclimation, MCREBEL and Feedback are great examples of barn speak – just because you’ve done MCREBEL before at a different farm doesn’t mean the MCREBEL SOP will be the same at this farm. Different production systems will have different protocols, even different farms within the same production system will have different protocols – we have to respect the SOP of each farm and make sure we work to comply with it. Dr. Hollis will talk us through the dangers of “barn speak” as well as some tips for how to avoid falling into the trap of assuming we’re talking about the same thing, but in reality the SOP the worker has in mind is different than the SOP the veterinarian or production leader would like them to execute.