Swine Doc Pod With Carthage: Ag-vocacy of Animal Agriculture through Social Media, Episode 4


We interview Dr. Dyneah Classen, Director of Health for the Carthage System and chat about misconceptions of animal agriculture and how those of us actively engaged in the farming profession can help those not lucky enough to be able to visit farms better understand our practices and way of life. While Dyneah and Clayton both grew up actively visiting pig farms (Dyneah’s pigs were right outside her front door!), we discuss how difficult it is to get our own children physically onto a farm to educate them about our profession and industry while sharing some light and fun stories about our experiences with kids on farm. Dyneah shares her tips for engaging online, particularly what types of posts she finds are most interesting to our non-ag friends and family as well as how to handle the occasional online troll trying to create mischief.