Successfully Converting to Group Sow Housing


Demonstrating Management Practices that Enhance the Sustainability of Pork Production
Activity 1.1 – Successfully Converting to Gestating Sow Group Housing

In September 2017 two group sow housing seminars were held in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Strathmore, Alberta.  The goal of these meetings was to better inform those producers who are currently looking to make the conversion to group sow housing.  The meetings brought together a combination of speakers that addressed the areas of renovation, producer experience, technology & innovation, types of renovations and nutrition.  The agenda for the meetings can be found below, in addition to copies of the PowerPoint presentations and video presentations.





In the Media

Effective Strategies for Reducing Aggression Among Group Housed Sows  (view article)
Advance Planning and Training Key to Grouping Sows  (view article)
New or Renovate Hog Barns (view article)
One Producer’s Experience in Switching to Sow Group Housing (view article)
Hog Barn Codes – To Renovate or to Build New is the Big Question (view article)
Pas de retour en arrière pour les truies en groupe (French) (view article)

FarmScape Interviews 

Deciding to Build New or Renovate Comes Down to Cost
Murray Elliott – FGC Construction [ Monday 25 Sep, 2017]

Cost Key When Deciding Whether to Renovate or Build from Scratch
Murray Elliott – FGC Construction [ Tuesday 22 Aug, 2017]

Partial Renovation Popular In Converting to Group Sow Housing
Murray Elliott – FGC Construction [ Wednesday 16 Aug, 2017]

Non-Competitive Feeding Allows Greater Range of Weight and Larger Group Size
Jennifer Brown – Prairie Swine Centre [ Thursday 05 Oct, 2017]

Researchers Identify Strategies For Reducing Aggression Among Group Housed Sows
Jennifer Brown- Prairie Swine Centre [ Thursday 21 Sep, 2017]

Adoption of Group Housing Varies by Region
Jennifer Brown – Prairie Swine Centre [ Tuesday 05 Sep, 2017]

Access to Research Improves Decision Making When Moving to Group Sow Housing
Jennifer Brown – Prairie Swine Centre [ Thursday 24 Aug, 2017]

Group Sow Housing Offers Opportunity to Reduce Energy Costs
Hyatt Frobose – Gestal [ Friday 13 Oct, 2017]

Right Diets and Right Volumes Critical to Peak Sow Productivity
Hyatt Frobose- Gestal [ Monday 02 Oct, 2017]

Nutrition Key to Improved Reproductive Performance and Longevity of Sows
Hyatt Frobose – Gestal [ Wednesday 06 Sep, 2017]

Pork Producers Encouraged to Formulate Sow Rations Based on Parity
Hyatt Frobose – Gestal [ Thursday 31 Aug, 2017]

Modern Communication Technology Aids in Monitoring Swine Herd Performance
John Van Engelen – Hog-Tied Farms [ Wednesday 27 Sep, 2017]

Adoption of Technology Helps Improve Productivity
John Van Engelen – Hog-Tied Farms [ Wednesday 13 Sep, 2017]


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