Strict hygiene protocols essential in the fight against African Swine Fever global spread-Applicable to the USA only


Applicable to the USA only

With African Swine Fever (ASF) continuing its rapid and devastating spread across Europe, China and Southeast Asia, and with no vaccine or other medical treatment currently available, hog producers are being warned about the increased risk of ASF possibly reaching the United States.

Virkon S proven effective against African Swine Fever virus1*

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is offering U.S. swine producers the proven broad spectrum disinfectant and virucide Virkon S, which is effective at killing the African Swine Fever virus. Having been independently tested for virucidal efficacy against ASF1*, Virkon S is proven to be effective against the disease at a dilution rate of 1:100 in the presence of organic challenge.

“The independent test result provides proven data on the ability of Virkon S to kill ASF,” explains Ryan T. Domack, sales manager of Market Segment Disinfection in the Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit at LANXESS.

“Implementing strict disinfection barrier controls is the only real way of stopping the spread of swine diseases from one production site to another,” Domack continues. “Therefore, producers need to achieve the highest possible levels of hygiene, utilizing an independently proven effective disinfectant, which is effective against diseases that have catastrophic effects on farm productivity and mortality rates.”

In addition, LANXESS provides customized technical support to swine producers to help protect against pathogens such as ASF1* in applications across the range of possible infection vectors, including other animals, transport vehicles, housing facilities and personnel.

“Virkon S is scientifically formulated to address the major disease concerns facing modern livestock production. Its formulation, based on extensive scientific research, offers swine producers a disinfectant that has helped define livestock production hygiene standards for over 30 years, making it the disinfectant of choice against ASF,” adds Domack.

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For complete directions for use and the full list of approved pathogens, please consult the product label.

1 African Swine Fever Virus efficacy was tested with 1% soil load and 342 ppm hard water. * Not approved in California for use against the noted pathogens.


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