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Canarm AgSystems has helped farmers care for their sows for more than 80 years. Our products are designed to exceed the rigorous demands of todays barn standards. We offer a diverse line of sow housing solutions, complete ventilation packages, bio-security control and more.

Canarm Boot Wash Integra Farrowing Floor
Improve your farm bio-security control with the Canarm Boot Wash. 4 high pressure nozzles quickly and easily clean your boots and the stainless steel cover contains the water and waste. Class A flame resistant, easy to clean & install with water heated option to keep piglets warm. Features a strong structural stability to handle the weight of sows through all stages of development. Water heated option to keep piglets warm. Comes with a 15 year warranty!
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Seamless Summit Nursery Flooring 2′ X 4′ Slats
Farrow Flex Crate
Designed for pigs up to 100 lbs., Seamless Summit Flooring for nursery facilities provides exceptional comfort. The slats – made of 100% virgin material – guarantees strength and durability. Its unique larger 2’ x 4’ design reduces installation time and number of supports required. Our innovative seamless design saves you hours of cleaning time! Designed to exceed rigorous demands of YOUR barn. Our farrowing crate options combine maximum versatility for the producer with increased comfort and productivity.
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Disinfectant Floor Mats

Vertical Spindle Dry Sow Stalls

Improve your building bio-security with these easy to clean, durable disinfectant floor mats.For use with liquid disinfectants. Operator and animal friendly, these easy to assemble dry sow stalls featured solid vertical spindles, bottom bar and legs and are hot dipped galvanized for longevity.
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