Some Things You May Not Know About Feed Energy’s All Veg 4000 , By Issue 44 I October 2020 Some Things You May Not Know About Feed Energy’s All Veg 4000 Cal Halstead from Feed Energy


As we all know, Feed Energy’s All Veg 4000 is an excellent feed ingredient. The high caloric benefits of All Veg 4000 works well for turkeys, laying hens, broiler feeds and swine. It also makes an ideal ingredient in the formulation of the products for lick tubs for cattle. Hence the name FEED Energy – our products are well known to our feed customers.

However, what you may not know, a variation of all Veg 4000 is the basis for some well-known crop oils. Our oil contributes unique surfactant properties to the mix for farmers spraying herbicides and pesticides on their crops. The oil helps to make the water-based mixture stickier and enables it to penetrate the plant better.

The dark nature of our oil was the impetus for us patenting the product for UV protection with one important customer. The pigments in the oil help protect the chemicals from breaking down when they are exposed to the sun for long periods.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have had customers use our oil to control dust on gravel roads and on dusty lots around feed mills and barns. When used correctly, the oil penetrates the aggregate and helpsto form an ideal roadbed.

So there you are – All Veg 4000 is one very versatile multipurpose quality product developed by your friends at Feed Energy.