Sick Pig Identification: Part of Providing Excellent Pig Care


Early identification and treatment of sick pigs in wean-to-market barns can make a difference in whether that pig will make it or become a mortality statistic.  Our lesson on Sick Pig Identification covers what you need to know to find pigs early in the disease process.  It also reviews severity progression of all common clinical signs in the wean-to-market stage.  An accompanying graphical SOP and in-barn verification help move you through the See it. Do it. Teach it. process to ensure this skill becomes an expressed competency, living on-farm.

Sick Pig Identification is a part of our commitment to create the training tools that your team needs to provide excellent pig care.  English is available now.  Spanish will follow shortly.

Other lessons in the Treatment Management Series already on Pork Avenue include:

  • 1.09 Identification and Treatment of Sick Piglets in Farrowing
  • 1.10 Identification and Treatment of Sick Sows in Farrowing
  • 2.16 Identification and Treatment of Sick Sows in Gestation

Pork Avenue has over 120 learning experiences in English and Spanish across all aspects of pork production.  If you need more information about becoming a subscriber of Pork Avenue Training Portal, contact


Dr. Sarah

See it. Do it. Teach it.


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