SHP Opens New Education and Training Facility

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Farmscape for January 16, 2020

A new Steinbach based education and training facility will offer swine farm workers a hands on opportunity to learn the veterinary procedures that will help them in their jobs. Swine Health Professionals has officially opened its new Sheridan Room Education and Training Facility. Dr. Blaine Tully, a Veterinarian and partner with SHP, explains the new facility will allow the practice to expand on the tradition of education and training inspired by Dr. Mike Sheridan.

Clip-Dr. Blaine TullySwine Health Professionals:
SHP or Swine Health Professionals has been a swine only veterinary practice here in Steinbach for 33 years.
We’ve kind of evolved into a veterinary practice that’s maybe a bit different from some traditional vet practices in that we really focus on training, education and developing relationships with each swine worker on farms.
We’re a consultative practice that has focussed on training and education for many years. The facility is a purpose built facility for training and education and we’ve involved the culture of biosecurity into the training facility to allow farm workers to come in a safe and biosecure manner that isn’t going to put our practice or their farms at risk by attending any of our workshops. We have the capacity to hold wet labs in our classroom where we can actually do some hands on tissue prep with pigs or pig parts that will help engage them in learning actively and in a fun way.

Dr. Tully says the new education and training facility will accommodate the programs SHP has developed over the years as well as several new programs in the pipeline.

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