SDSU Animal Science Department Presents Research at Midwest Section Animal Science Meeting


South Dakota State University swine researchers from the Department of Animal Science will present seven research abstracts at the Midwest Section meeting of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) and American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) meeting Omaha, Nebraska, from March 12-14, 2018.

The Department of Animal Science opened the new South Dakota State University Swine Education and Research Facility on Oct. 1, 2016. The first anniversary of the grand opening of the new SDSU Swine Education and Research Facility and Wean-to-Finish Research Barn was celebrated with an inaugural SDSU Swine Day on Oct 11, 2017, in Brookings, SD.

“The new swine facilities have opened up many new opportunities for our students and researchers,” says Joe Cassady, SDSU Animal Science Department Head.” The swine industry has and will continue to change and SDSU is now in a great place to be a leader in research, extension, and teaching.”

SDSU swine researchers will present the following research at this year’s Midwest ASAS meeting:

  • Efficiency of Utilizing Standardized Ileal Digestible Lysine for Whole Body Protein Retention in Pregnant Gilts during Early, Mid, and Late Gestation. R. A. S. Navales, B. C. Thaler, and C. L. Levesque, South Dakota State University, Brookings.
  • Effect of Essential Oil Supplementation to Lactation Diets on Reproductive Performance and Fecal Characteristics of Sows. K. Fuoss1, M. D. Lindemann2, and C. L. Levesque1, 1South Dakota State University, Brookings, 2University of Kentucky, Lexington.
  • Immunological Response of Pigs by Lymphocyte Proliferation by the Supplementation of Beta-Glucans. H. Kerkaert, J. Koepke, C. L. Levesque, and B. C. Thaler, South Dakota State University, Brookings.
  • Growth Performance, Organ Weights, and Blood Parameters of Nursery Pigs Fed Diets Containing Cold-Pressed Canola Cake. J. W. Lee and T. A. Woyengo, South Dakota State University, Brookings.

Research posters to be presented at this year’s meeting:

  • Floor Space Allocation Effects on Heavy-Weight Finishing Pigs (over One Hundred Thirty-Five Kilograms). R. S. Samuel, B. C. Thaler, C. L. Levesque, and J. Darrington, South Dakota State University, Brookings.
  • Nutrient Digestibility of Heat- or Heat plus Citric Acid-Pretreated Distiller’s Dried Grains with Solubles for Pigs. C. Zangaro and T. A. Woyengo, South Dakota State University, Brookings.
  • Comparative Analysis of Bacterial Composition in the Ileum of Weaned Pigs Fed Microbially Enhanced Soybean Meal as a Potential Ingredient Replacement in Conventional Weaning Diets. J. L. Ortman, B. St-Pierre, and C. L. Levesque, South Dakota State University, Brookings.


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