Resolution from the International Trade Commission (ITC) on the Methionine case Alpharetta, GA / June 10, 2021


On June 10th, 2021, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) made an affirmative vote  in connection with the antidumping investigation of imports of Methionine from
France. Notwithstanding this outcome, Adisseo remains committed to the U.S. market as a
consistent and reliable supplier of Methionine hydroxy-analogue. Unfortunately, the extremely  restrictive nature of the tariffs on DL Methionine have forced Adisseo to exit this market segment,  further limiting choice of suppliers.

Adisseo is very disappointed with this decision, as it reduces the options available to U.S. purchasers  for methionine. The preliminary duties imposed by this investigation have already driven up cost  substantially, cutting into margins for domestic animal protein producers, adding cost to the grocery  bill for U.S. customers, and impacting the competitiveness of U.S. meat producers in export markets.

Globally, Adisseo has proven to be a leader in Methionine production, and continues to invest in  new capacity & technology, to feed a growing planet.

About Adisseo

Adisseo is among the world leaders in animal nutrition with a turnover of 1.44 billion euros in 2019 and over 3,900 customers. Our mission is to feed the planet in a high-quality, affordable,  safe and sustainable way. in 2006, we joined the Bluestar Group to gain access to other important  markets in the global arena. Adisseo is committed to assisting world’s leading producers and  marketers of Animal Nutrition Solutions, with Amino Acids, Vitamins, and a wide range of  specialties for all segments within the livestock and poultry spaces. More information on the  company is available at

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