Ralco Introduces Essential-Lyte™ Water Additive to Transition Weaned Pigs Faster


Ralco has announced the launch of its latest swine product, Essential-Lyte™, a natural water additive designed to get weaned pigs drinking and eating quickly.

Weaning is a difficult transition for piglets, who suddenly find themselves in an unfamiliar environment with no sow. This stress can suppress their appetite causing their health to quickly decline. After only 36 hours without food or water, pigs are unlikely to survive. Essential-Lyte was created to support piglet gut health and immunity and to provide the nutrients pigs need to stay healthy and thrive in this challenging period.

“We were facing high mortality rates of about 20% from slow starting pigs that wouldn’t eat. After incorporating Essential-Lyte into our nursery program, almost immediately feed intake went up drastically and the enteric issues stopped,” said a Central Minnesota swine producer. “Our death rate came down to just 2%, and now every group entering the nursery is given Essential-Lyte to get them started off right.”

Essential-Lyte contains a unique blend of natural ingredients including Ralco’s patented Microfused® Essential Oils, Actifibe® Prebiotic, vitamins E & D, a water acidifier and electrolytes. These components work together to help get pigs started in the first 24 hours upon nursery entry and prevent sick pen isolation by lowering pathogen load, rehydrating and restoring vital nutrients, promoting immunity and lowering gut pH to further reduce pathogens and manage disease.