Purina Announces New Feed Additives For Sow Performance And Piglet Respiratory Health


Purina Animal Nutrition is pleased to announce two new products formulated to support sow performance and reproductive efficiency and piglet respiratory health and immune function during the post-weaning period – Purina EnduraSow feed additive and Purina EnduraPig feed additive, respectively.

Optimize maternal performance

“Disease challenges can have long-lasting impacts on sow farm productivity,” says Erin Bryan, Ph.D., swine nutritionist with Purina Animal Nutrition. “For example, sick sows tend to eat less, and sows with low body condition at farrowing tend to lose additional weight during lactation. These sows are at risk of taking longer to breed back or requiring multiple services, which negatively impacts reproductive efficiency across the herd.”

EnduraSow feed additive is a low-inclusion feed additive that helps optimize sow productivity during a health challenge, as measured by more pigs weaned per sow per year in commercial trials. The additive also supports optimal sow farm efficiency by reducing the number of days from weaning to first service.

Help piglets thrive through change

EnduraPig feed additive helps prepare pigs’ immune systems to address health challenges and supports pig growth performance throughout a respiratory challenge. This is especially important at weaning, when the immune protection from sow’s milk declines before the pig’s immune system fully matures.

“Weaned pigs are vulnerable to disease challenges at a time when they are facing additional stressors such as transportation and comingling,” says Bryan. “EnduraPig feed additive supports piglets’ respiratory health and immune function during this critical period. This product can make an impact for pork producers because it promotes pig growth performance throughout a respiratory challenge.”

EnduraSow and EnduraPig feed additives are part of a portfolio of complete feeds and supplements for pigs in all performance phases from wean to finish.

Connect with Purina’s team of pork industry professionals to learn more about EnduraSow and EnduraPig feed additives in booth 319 at Iowa Pork Congress, January 24-25 in Des Moines.