Prairie Hog Country- August/September 2021


Pleased to share the August/September core section of Prairie Hog Country was uploaded to press earlier today.

This edition is jam packed with lots of information. From the feature story of a BC small lot producer. To an update on Vertical Integration. A US court appeal about reducing processing capacity. Collaborating a key to fight against ASF. Swine outlook cautiously optimistic. Heat disinfection revolutionizes transport biosecurity. Higher hog prices. Maple Leafs purchase of hog farms in Saskatchewan. Reminding city slickers where their food comes from. Wild weather a mixed blessing and much much more.

The complete survey results can be located in the centre spread of this issue. Thanks to all who took time to fill out and return. And even bigger thank you for still verifying Prairie Hog Country is your favourite and preferred hog magazine. I was so touched that 38 percent have been reading Prairie Hog Country for over 20 years. Seventy – seven percent keep Prairie Hog Country for more then two months, and 65 percent have four or more read each issue. Ninety-eight percent say advertisements do influence their purchasing decisions, so again huge thanks to all the advertisers and their financial support. Without you there would be no magazine. As 95 percent feel in person meetings, events, trade shows etc. are vital Prairie Hog Country will continue to see you at them in person.

The edition will be in the hands of Canada Post next Friday August 6th, which of course is when the online updates will be completed.

Laurie Brandly,

Publisher, Prairie Hog Country