Prairie Hog Country – August and September 2020 Edition


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I am excited to share the news that the August September edition of Prairie Hog Country was sent to press this week. The latest edition will be in the hands of Canada Post next Friday, along with the newest online updates posted. Just a few highlights of the coverage in this edition: options for fixing a broken pricing model, potential new sow facility, backlog pressures, vaccines, COVID updates how affecting pig sector, transport trailer sensors, feral pigs, code requirements, plus a special feature on the HEART team and the help, comfort and closure they bring to families during tragedies. Also included in this issue are the complete survey results form our annual readership survey, thank to everybody who took time to submit responses. Prairie Hog Country is proud to remain a preferred source of hog news and information.  Please check out the recipe, Kelly, my husband made bacon wrapped sausage stuff pork loin for a recent family event  – it was delicious.


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