Pork Producers Encouraged to be Involved in Federal Election


Farmscape for August 26, 2021

CPC Media Conference (2021 Election) 21:08 Listen

Candidates in the federal election are being encouraged to commit to policies that support Canadian pork production. As part of a zoom meeting with reporters earlier this week members of the Canadian Pork Council called on candidates in the federal election to commit to fixing Business Risk Management programs, facilitating access to skilled workers, defending, improving and expanding market access, resolving trade barriers with China, protecting the health of Canada’s swine herd, making concrete emissions reductions by partnering with producers and exempting farm fuels from the carbon tax. Canadian Pork Council Vice-Chair René Roy encourages candidates to commit to these polices to enable pork producers to employ more Canadians, increase the value of exports and build better, more resilient communities from coast to coast.

Clip-René Roy-Canadian Pork Council:
At the riding level it is important that pork producers are involved and speak to their candidates because raising awareness during an election is important and it brings attention not only in the riding but also on the federal scene. CPC is there to work with those who are at the government. We do not have a specific party that we are supporting or a specific policy but we want to make sure that all the parties have a platform that will respond to our needs. You know how it is happening in an election. What we know is, when we start but we don’t know how it finishes. We know when it finishes but we don’t know how so it’s important that we raise the awareness for all candidates and all parties.

Roy notes Canada’s pork producers contribute 23.8 billion dollars to Canada’s GDP, create more than 100 thousand jobs from farm to fork and export five billion dollars worth of pork to more than 90 countries.

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