Porcine Genetics Testing Services


Eurofins BioDiagnostics (EBDI) is committed to providing accurate, timely and high quality testing to help you make the right decisions for your porcine breeding programs. We know that in today’s market it is critical to achieve continuous improvements from generation to generation in your herd. Likewise, our organization has a strong pedigree with over two decades of service to industry in both agricultural and genetics testing.

EBDI brings operational excellence across select technology platforms to provide for our client’s needs. For parentage analysis, our amplicon sequencing panels leveraging advanced DNA sequencing systems allow us to scan up 500 markers for pedigree analysis or for simple marker / trait linkage. In addition, custom expanded amplicon sequencing panels with up to 2500 loci are available that bridge the divide between small parentage panels and high-density genome wide genotyping efforts.

High throughout / high density genotyping needs that are the core of many genome selection programs are served using ThermoFisher / Affymetrix or Illumina technologies. These efforts can leverage off the shelf arrays embedded with publically researched genetic variants or custom content specific to your program. As our customer, you can choose from a near limitless set of options. On sample types, we can work with TSUs, whole blood, blood cards or other tissues and matrixes. To ensure you capture the necessary density of information for your program, we can interrogate from 5k up to 100k+ genetic features or variants across the pig genome depending on your requirements. We also can provide bioinformatics support, whether you simply need genotype information or more customized analysis and data formatting. Our goal is to foster the success of your genetics program and organization by delivering results on-time, competitively priced and with the highest level of accuracy to assist in your breeding efforts.

Our historical roots and location in the Midwest have placed us in a desirable position to provide timely testing services across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan and the Dakotas with rapid turnaround. In addition, as part of the Eurofins Group, we offer a range of additional environmental and animal health tests to supplement your genetics testing. Our network of over 900 labs worldwide collectively provides over 200,000 analytical methods ranging from porcine pathogen testing, such as PRRS detection, to animal feed analysis. Whether you are focused on US operations or have a multinational program, Eurofins offers unmatched value to clients in both operational expertise and breadth of testing options.

We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your breeding objectives. If we can assist with your testing needs, we would love to answer any questions, provide a consulting session or dive into planning with your team, please send a quick email to: ebdiah@eurofinsus.com

For more information about Eurofins BioDiagnostics visit: https://www.eurofinsus.com/agrigenomics/our-services/animal-genomics/