Podcast with Dr Scott Dee, 2022 Pork Industry Distinguished Service Award Recipient!


Congratulations to Dr Scott Dee, the 2022 Pork Industry Distinguished Service Award recipient!  You will not want to miss this Podcast/Conversation hitting on several key, inspiring, and unheard discussion viewpoints. Highlighting his 5-decade career Dr Dee finishes with a summary of each decade with a key point that stands out in our industry from the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s, and 2020’s.

About our guest

Scott Dee earned a DVM, MS, and PhD from the University of Minnesota, is board-certified in veterinary microbiology, and past President of the AASV. After 12 years in both swine practice and academia, Scott joined Pipestone Veterinary Services as Director of Applied Research. He has been awarded > 12 M in research funding and published 172 peer reviewed papers, including the initial publications on the proof of concept of PEDV transmission in feed and the transboundary survival of ASFV in feed. He received the AASV Practitioner of the Year and Howard Dunne Memorial awards, the Leman Science in Practice award, a Warrior Chip from the FBI, and is a Master of the US Pork Industry. In 2022, he guest-edited a Special Issue on Feed Risk in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases and was awarded the Distinguished Service to the US Pork Industry Award from the National Pork Producers Council.