World Pork Expo Changes and Industry Innovations | Alex Adams, Marcel Schubert, Chris Grant

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • New World Pork Expo Format: How the two-day format affected attendance and engagement.
  • Adoption of Innovations: The challenges of introducing new technologies in the swine industry.
  • Labor and Automation: How labor shortages are pushing farms to adopt automation.
  • Consumer Education: The need to educate the public about modern farming practices.
  • Future Industry Trends: Predictions on the role of artificial intelligence and automation in modern farming
  •  Guest Bio’s

    Alex Adams

    Bio: Alex Adams has over a decade of experience in the swine industry. He grew up on a small farm in southern Michigan and currently works for Hypor Swine Genetics, one of the global leaders in swine genetics. Alex is dedicated to advancing the industry through innovative genetic solutions.

    Marcel Schubert

    Bio: Marcel Schubert brings over 23 years of expertise in the swine industry. As the Business Development Manager for RO-Main in Quebec, Canada, Marcel is known for his work with products like Hercules’ Arm and Smart Counting. His deep industry knowledge and innovative approach make him a key figure in swine business development.

    Chris Grant

    Bio: Chris Grant is the President of IHT, known for supplying energy-efficient heat mats and pioneering cooling technology with patents from Purdue. With several appearances on the Popular Pig Podcast, Chris continues to lead the charge in creating solutions that address environmental challenges in the swine industry.