The Power of Plasma | Dr. Joe Crenshaw

About the Guest

Dr. Joe Crenshaw is the Vice President of Technical Service for APC, where he provides technical service and advice for customers and conducts product development and applications research. His career spans thirty-five years in the swine industry, from teaching to research to private consulting in animal nutrition and for feed businesses across the globe.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Enhancing Swine Health and Performance: Functional Proteins as a Vital Resource: The interview highlights the significant role of functional proteins, particularly plasma, in bolstering swine health and immunity. Feeding plasma to swine has been shown to lead to notable improvements in their overall health and performance, making it a valuable component of their diet.
  • Economic Resilience through Plasma: Cost-Efficiency in Challenging Times: In periods of economic downturn, where cost-cutting is a priority, plasma proves to be a valuable asset for producers. Its ability to maintain and enhance swine health can lead to long-term savings, outweighing the initial investment and providing economic resilience for producers.
  • Ensuring Feed Safety through Rigorous Biosecurity: Comprehensive Biosecurity Measures: The interview sheds light on the stringent biosecurity protocols in place for the production of plasma and other feed ingredients. From the origin of the supply chain to the point of consumption by pigs, every step is meticulously monitored to ensure the safety and quality of feed, safeguarding swine health.
  • Collaborative Efforts for Herd Health and Disease Prevention: Proactive Industry Collaboration: The pork industry, along with various stakeholders, is actively collaborating with governmental bodies such as the USDA and FDA to not just respond to, but proactively prevent foreign animal disease outbreaks. APC’s engagement with industry experts to deepen the understanding of the use and value of plasma proteins is a testament to these collaborative efforts, aiming to fortify herd health across the industry.
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