Podcast: “Peering” Into The Future Of Agriculture | Terry Canning

About the Guest

A seasoned AgTech Entrepreneur Terry grew up on a dairy farm. After studying engineering he spent 9 years working for blue chip companies worldwide on cloud computing projects. In 2004 he applied this knowledge to the livestock industry founding FarmWizard.com the world’s first SaaS for managing livestock. He grew that business over 10 years selling it in 2015 to Wheatsheaf. Terry believes that recent advances in Machine Vision powered by Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence now creates an opportunity to develop CattleEye, a truly Autonomous Livestock Monitoring solution.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • How machine vision is transforming the dairy industry.
  • The process for developing machine vision solutions.
  • Making data actionable for a team of employees.
  • Recommendations for producers considering computer vision.
  • What the future holds for computer vision
  • Terry Canning’s “golden nugget”