Podcast: Managing the Profitability of Barrows and Gilts | Chris Opschoor

About the Guest

Chris Opschoor is 43 years old and already for 22 years working in the pig industry. After his study at the Hogeschool INHOLLAND on Animal Husbandry, 1994 – 1998 he graduated with a BSc in Swine husbandry and later obtained his Masters in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Wageningen University. He started working as Account Manager (Swine nutrition and farming) for the Company Agruniek Rijnvallei from September 1998 until October 2007. For 9 years he gave technical support to his customers and was responsible for sales too. His main focus was to take his clients to a higher technical level.

After 9 years he started working for Topigs Norsvin as a Specialist in Feeding & Genetics, as member of the Topigs Norsvin International Feed group. Chris’s main task in this team was to develop advice for feeding and management of all Topigs Norsvin products. He gave technical support for the breeding farms worldwide, clients and colleagues and also to the Feed Industry and all other partners in the pig industry as well.  For the past 5 years, Chris has been responsible for the Topigs Norsvin Feed Group. He is managing an enthusiastic, driven, and very professional team of scientist, nutritionist and advisers all over the world. This worldwide team is responsible for developing and maintaining Feed and Management advice of all Topigs Norsvin products. With this BEST TEAM and our advice is it possible to support our clients worldwide to unlock the full genetic potential?

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Predictive modeling for the profitability of barrows and gilts.
  • Research results with Kalmbach and Purdue.
  • The importance of knowing your packer’s preferences.
  • The value that is being left on the table.
  • Chris Opschoor’s “golden nugget”.