Podcast: Dr. Justin Brown – How to become a certified swine sample collector

It’s quite true that the US hasn’t been hit by ASF yet. However, if there’s one thing we can know for sure is that we need to be prepared for it in case it does cross our borders. In order to stop ASF from spreading, first we must be able to identify it, a process which begins with proper sampling. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Justin Brown about a new sampling certification that anyone who works with pigs can receive. It involves training in proper ASF sampling techniques, so that our country can be ready to stop it if an outbreak occurs.

“The USDA has held a series of drills to see that we are prepared for ASF. They saw that there was a large lack of trained personnel available to collect all the necessary samples, so through some collaboration, they developed a new sample collection training program” – Dr. Justin Brow