Podcast: Dr. Daniel Boykin – When nobody is watching: how to enforce biosecurity in our pig farm

It is common knowledge that any biosecurity program must be well designed to both minimize the impact of endemic pathogens to which the herds have been exposed and fend off pathogens to which they have not come into contact yet. But even though we recognize the importance of biosecurity processes, we sometimes forget that they must change from season to season: the cold months bring different disease and management challenges when compared with the hot months. Considering how critical such a topic is, I talk with Dr. Daniel Boykin about how swine producers can enforce their biosecurity programs, especially during winter. According to him, everything goes back to consistency: we must have a consistent approach to biosecurity that can be replicated as many times as necessary.

“If we have developed a process that reduces disease introduction in sow farms, why can’t we apply those concepts directly to wean-to-market farms?” – Dr. Daniel Boykin