Introducing Swine 365: Your Go-To Podcast for Quick and Insightful Swine Industry Updates! proudly presents its latest innovation in Agucation delivery to the Swine Industry – the “Swine 365” podcast. With each episode lasting just 5-10 minutes, this unique podcast offers a concise rundown of the latest happenings in the Swine Industry.

Jim Eadie, the brain behind Swine 365, emphasizes that this podcast goes beyond just another audio show. It aims to efficiently deliver essential messages and information to the Swine community through a format reminiscent of a radio show. The podcast perfectly complements the diverse content and information available on, the leading daily newsletter with over 25,000 subscribers, and the popular Swine TV channel featuring engaging “In Swine Versation” video interviews.

Each episode will bring fresh dynamics to the table, occasionally featuring co-hosts engaging in lively “Swine Host Chat.” Listeners can expect a comprehensive rundown of everything new in the Swine Industry, followed by short guest segments that update them on the latest trends and tactics. The final segment will wrap up with a summary, review, or intriguing tidbits, leaving the audience well-informed and eager for the next episode.

Ben and Joe Wipf, a dynamic Pork Producer brother team from a Montana Colony, express their excitement about the Swine 365 podcast. “As avid users of, my bother Joe and I believe that having access to a short and informative program like Swine 365, featuring esteemed guests, adds tremendous value to our industry knowledge. Swine Web continues to lead with innovative content through there platform.”

(Left to right: Ben and Joe Wipf)

Currently available on a monthly basis starting in August 2023, Swine 365 plans to ramp up its frequency in 2024 to provide even more timely and relevant insights. To stay updated with the latest developments in the Pork Industry, visit – your ultimate resource. And for comprehensive agricultural education, check out

Tune in to Swine 365 and never miss a beat in the dynamic world of Swine farming!

The first release will be in August through the Podcast Platform

For more information please contact:
Jim Eadie