Data Science into Practice – A South African Perspective

In this insightful episode, we welcome Jaco Raath, a leading research nutritionist at Swine Nutrition Management in South Africa. Jaco delves deep into recent IMPROVAC trial results that revealed a significant gain in carcass weight for intact males, particularly highlighting the role of increased feed intake in the trial’s final weeks. Alongside Jaco, we also feature Liana from Agritistics, emphasizing the ever-increasing importance of data analytics in swine nutrition management in episode 90. Both experts agree that data analytics can play a pivotal role in customizing nutritional strategies for each farm’s unique setup, even down to the gilt-rearing stage. Jaco also gives us an update on their By-Product blend, acknowledging some challenges with mycotoxin levels but generally positive trends. He discusses the changing landscapes of winter and summer feeding programs, emphasizing the reduced need for seasonal shifts due to closely aligned nutrient specifications. Wrapping up, Jaco sheds light on the imminent challenges and opportunities in the South African and broader African swine industries, particularly noting the rising input costs and raw material quality. With their combined expertise, Jaco and Liana offer listeners valuable strategies to optimize swine nutrition and production efficiency.