Podcast, Swine Time Episode 24: What You Say Matters!


Summer is a social season! Great opportunities arise to share your story! Only 2% of the population raises food for the entire world, and that is you! No one is more passionate, caring, or committed to the humane care of animals and safe food than you. Pig care is more than just bacon, it is your passion and career.

In the 24th episode of SwineTime Podcast, Dr. Spencer Wayne, Host and Veterinarian with Pipestone Veterinary Services, visits with Sylvia Wolters, PIPESTONE Public Relations Director and Alicia Place, PIPESTONE Communications Coordinator about sharing the pig farmer story in the community. Dr. Wayne’s daughter, Molly, also joins the conversation to share her experience.

During conversations with consumers, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Be Prepared

Know your “Why”. Have a conversation with yourself on why you love farming and taking care of pigs. Consumers can recognize someone who has a strong passion for what they do.

What Do You Have in Common

People are interested in the values that you share. Shared values builds trust. Ask questions to find out what you have in common and base your conversation around this common interest.

Less is More

Remember a glass of water, not the ocean. Be careful not to overshare information unless they are asking. Transparency and honesty are necessary to earn trust. Answer with a short shared value and continue with details if they are interested. Fun fact: The average consumer does not trust scientific studies or government agencies on topics related to agriculture. They trust farmers.

Word Choice

Word choice stimulates emotion and emotion drives trust. Choose positive impactful words. Make your vocabulary a habit of using consumer-friendly words, not just talking to consumers, but also in your barn.

  • Pigs instead of Hogs
  • Stall instead of Crate
  • Market instead of Slaughter

Admitting You Do Not Know

It is okay to admit that we do not know everything! If you get asked a question that you do not know the answer to, don’t be afraid to admit it. Take this

opportunity to show them where they can find it, or better yet, look together.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Never argue. Respect their choices and ask that they respect yours. It is okay to agree to disagree.

These 6 tips are something to keep in the back of your mind and to use when you are having a conversation with a consumer not only at the fairs, but also at the grocery store, your kid’s sporting events, family gatherings and wherever else you get the opportunity to share your passion for farming.

To learn more about agriculture communications reach out to alicia.place@pipestone.com.

Listen to the podcast below to learn how you can be prepared to share your story!