Podcast: Swine Doc Pod With Carthage, Episode 1


Dr. Clayton Johnson & Dr. Claire LeFevre from Carthage Veterinary Service, LTD chat about their learnings from the 31stAnnual Carthage Swine Conference. Focused on how to acquire and develop skilled labor for our swine farms, the conference gave a detailed overview of the TN Visa program. This program provides skilled labor resources to many industries including animal agriculture. While the TN Visa program can be easily described in a few sentences, setting up and establishing this talent pipeline is no small task and takes dedicated resources to identify talent then recruit and retain them. We also review ho integrating new TN Visa employees into your farms and communities is a critically important task. Dr. Claire offers some tips and observations from her own experiences with integrating the TN Visa workforce, highlighting how you can tap into this talent rich resource pool in an increasingly competitive labor market.