Podcast: Gaps in existing Swine Technologies, and the Matthew Rooda story


Swineweb.com is delighted to interview Matthew Rooda, the co-founder of Swine Tech, Forbes Under 30 winner and Host of the Popular Pig Podcast.

Discussion Points:
-The founding of SmartGuard & PigFlow and why Swine Tech pivoted.

-GAPS that exist between the technologies developed and why they are not being quickly adopted.
-The most underrated aspect of Smart Guard and Pig Flow
-Recapping the benefits of this Technology for Pork Producers
-Your journey as a young entrepreneur (Forbes under 30)
-Why the Popular Pig Podcast was launched during Covid
-Entrepreneur glamour, what is a challenge, and success.
-How do we sell more Pork?
-Will Swine Tech stay just in the Pork Industry or branch into other sectors
-Personal. We find out about Matthew’s upcoming marriage, his love for Iowa state and family themed Thanksgiving!
-What do we need to do to improve the Swine Industry?
-What is the next wave of Tech, what can we expect in 10 years?
-What has Matthew learned the most?
-The Rooda Chop! Matthew’s final thought or piece of advice

About Our Guest:

Matthew Rooda currently serves as the CEO of SwineTech and studied at the University of Iowa and Johns Hopkins University. Inspired by experiences in animal agriculture and human health, SwineTech was founded with the mission to create solutions that empower farmers to provide food production animals with high-quality individualized care. Rooda was named to the Forbes 30 under 30, has led the SwineTech team through the Pearse Lyons Accelerator in Ireland, raised more than $6 million in venture capital, and managed business development efforts in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to being named one of the most influential innovators in agriculture, Matthew continues to share the possibilities of a brighter future by connecting thousands of producers and consumers through the Popular Pig podcast.