Podcast: Dr. Kyle Coble – Optimizing sow retention – how to do it right


As swine producers, nutritionists, and veterinarians, we all know that sow mortality is a complex challenge, since many factors influence it. Indeed, high mortality rates and poor sow performance greatly impact farm profitability, including feed costs. So how can we improve sow retention and longevity in our production systems? Are there nutritional strategies that can be employed to optimize sow retention? To answer these – and many more – questions, I talk with Dr. Kyle Coble, one of the brightest swine nutritionists in our industry. In this episode, Dr. Coble shares his vast experience with nutritional strategies and research on improving sow mortality, critical aspects of gilt development, and current challenges on sow farms.

“Sow mortality is a very complex and multifaceted issue that certainly will not be fixed with one silver bullet.” – Dr. Kyle Coble